of the Medical Tourism Association


1.1 Name: The organization shall be known as the Medical Tourism Association of South Africa (MedTASA)
1.2 Definition: The Medical Tourism Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and improving the standards of medical tourism, facilitating collaboration among stakeholders, and advancing the interests of the medical tourism industry.

Article 2: Objectives

The objectives of the Medical Tourism Association shall include, but not be limited to:

2.1 Promoting ethical practices and ensuring high-quality healthcare services for medical tourists.
2.2 Encouraging international cooperation and collaboration among medical professionals, healthcare providers, and patients seeking medical treatment abroad.
2.3 Establishing standards, guidelines, and best practices for medical tourism operations.
2.4 Providing education, training, and information dissemination about medical tourism.
2.5 Advocating for the rights and interests of patients, medical tourists, and healthcare providers in the field of medical tourism.
2.6 Conducting research, surveys, and studies to enhance the understanding and development of the medical tourism industry.

Article 3: Membership

3.1 Membership Eligibility: Membership in the Medical Tourism Association shall be open to healthcare facilities, medical travel agencies, healthcare professionals, tourism organizations, industry suppliers, academic institutions, and other stakeholders involved or interested in the medical tourism industry.
3.2 Membership Benefits: The Association shall offer various benefits to its members, such as access to networking opportunities, conferences, educational resources, industry research, advocacy representation, and member-exclusive events.
3.3 Membership Categories: The Association may establish different membership categories, including regular, associate, honorary, and corporate membership, each with specific rights, obligations, and privileges as defined by the Association.
3.4 Admission Procedure: Prospective members must submit a membership application, fulfill any relevant criteria, and pay the membership fees as set forth by the Association.

Article 4: Organizational Structure

4.1 General Assembly: The highest decision-making body of the Medical Tourism Association shall be the General Assembly, composed of all members in good standing.
4.2 Board of Directors: The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the strategic direction, policy making, and overall management of the association’s activities and affairs.
4.3 Executive Committee: The Board of Directors may appoint an Executive Committee, consisting of selected directors, with specific responsibilities and decision-making authority delegated by the Board.
4.4 Committees: The Association may establish committees, task forces, or working groups as necessary to address specific issues, conduct research, or undertake projects related to the medical tourism industry.
4.5 Secretariat: The Association shall maintain a Secretariat responsible for the day-to-day operations, administrative duties, financial management, and coordination of the Association’s activities.

Article 5: Governance

5.1 Elections: The Board of Directors and Executive Committee members shall be elected by the General Assembly through a transparent and democratic election process.
5.2 Terms of Office: The term of office for Directors and Executive Committee members shall be stipulated in the Association’s bylaws.
5.3 Meetings: The General Assembly, Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and committees shall meet regularly as required, and decisions shall be made by majority vote.
5.4 Financial Management: The Association shall maintain a transparent and accountable financial management system, including budgeting, auditing, and reporting mechanisms.

Article 6: Amendments

6.1 Amendment Procedure: This constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the General Assembly, provided that the proposed amendments are circulated to members in advance and reasonable opportunity for discussion and deliberation is provided.

Article 7: Dissolution

7.1 Dissolution Procedure: The Medical Tourism Association may be dissolved by a resolution passed by at least two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the General Assembly in a special meeting convened for this purpose. In the event of dissolution, the Association’s assets shall be allocated to a similar nonprofit organization or used to promote medical tourism initiatives as determined by the General Assembly.

This constitution shall come into effect upon adoption by the General Assembly and shall supersede all prior documents or agreements